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Laughter is the shortest distance between two people - Victor Borge, musician, humorist
There is love, and there is work; and we have only one heart. The secret is to follow the advice the masters give you in their works while doing something different from them. Art is really a battle. The artist does not draw what he sees, but what he must make others see. A picture is something which requires as much knavery, trickery, and deceit as the perpetration of a crime. Painting is very easy when you dont know how, but very difficult when you do. Everyone has talent at 25. The difficulty is to have it at 50. - All from Edgar Degas, 1834 - 1917 - Anonymous
Love looks through a telescope; envy, through a microscope. - Josh Billings, humorist
You must prepare yourselves, young people, because Uncle Daves generation is getting old. We are almost ready to go to the retirement home to spend the rest of our days tapping our bedpans rhythmically in time to "easy listening" rock n roll. We must pass the torch on to you, and you must grasp it, ideally by the end that is not on fire. - Dave Barry
Wit is brushwood; judgment timber; the one gives the greatest flame, and the other yields the most durable heat; and both meeting make the best fire - Overlung
Man is so made that whenever anything fires his soul, impossibilities vanish. - Jean de La Fontaine, 1621 - 1695
The artist must create a spark before he can make a fire and before art is born, the artist must be ready to be consumed by the fire of his own creation - François Auguste René Rodin, 1840 - 1917
Pride, envy, avarice - these are the sparks have set on fire the souls of man - Dante Alighieri, 1265 - 1321
The only real security is not insurance or money or a job, not a house and furniture paid for, or a retirement fund, and never is it another person. It is the skill and humor and courage within, the ability to build your own fires and find your own peace - Audrey Sutherland
The art of leadership is saying no, not yes. It is very easy to say yes. - Tony Blair, British prime minister
Every time I get a script its a matter of trying to know what I could do with it. I see colors, imagery. It has to have a smell. Its like falling in love. You cant give a reason why. - Olin Lena, 1955-, Swedish-born American-born American Actress
Beauty is a harmonious relation between something in our nature and the quality of the object which delights us. - Pascal, Blaise ; 1623-1662, French Scientist, Religious Philosopher
Live as brave men and face adversity with stout hearts. - Horace, BC 65-8, Italian Poet
The voice of parents is the voice of gods, for to their children they are heavens lieutenants. - Shakespeare, William ; 1564-1616, British Poet, Playwright, Actor
Men have always need of god! A god to defend them against other men. - Picabia, Francis ; 1878-1953, French Painter, Poet


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